What others did.


ICP Group

The ICP Group with its special status as full-service-supplier in electronic payment transactions is one of the leading specialists for payment products and payment solutions. As technology developer, terminal producer, solutions supplier and network operator ICP realises the entire spectrum of systems and services out of one hand. 


Long waiting times for food and beverages are a daily tedious encounter. opentabs offers a very simple and convenient solution to this nerve-racking problem. The opentabs application allows users to place and directly pay orders via their mobile devices.  Read the full product story


Orderman is the leading provider of technology solutions for the European hospitality industry. Handhelds, POS systems and services from Orderman are used worldwide in more than 35,000 restaurants. Together with payworks, the Orderman built one of the first Chip & PIN solutions for mobile ordering terminals, enabling restaurant staff to accept card payments faster and easier.


Are you fed up with the increasing number of your loyalty cards in your wallet? With the XtraCard application you can not only pay at your favorite merchant but manage all your loyalty cards from different merchants in just one place. 


afc Rechenzentrum

afc Rechenzentrum GmbH is a payment service provider based in Siek near Hamburg. The company has been a reliable and professional partner to the retail sector since 1996 and today provides its clients with all forms of cashless payments. With their team of developers, marketing and sales professionals afc creates innovative mobile POS solutions. afc and payworks are cooperation partners in several mobile POS projects.


Zerved provides an intuitive way for guests to order and pay for whatever the merchant may want to sell through the platform. After the first order the app saves the credit card data (safely and behind a personal password) securely on the payworks gateway.


PayUnity is the specialized payment service provider of PayLife, the largest Austrian acquiring bank. Through one single interface, clients of PayUnity get access to a large number of financial institutions all over Austria and Europe, enabling them to accept a multitude of different payment methods in all common currencies. payworks is supporting PayUnity to both launch own mPOS solutions and enable their clients to do so as well.


NORDpay International is recognized as one of the most secure payment solutions in Europe. NORDpay was founded in 2008, and is successfully supporting multiple mobile payment solutions, which are being built on payworks technology.